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Why choose Arbitration?

There are huge benefits to using an Arbitrator which include: • Continuity – Cases are heard by one person throughout the entire process which is something that can not always be guaranteed with the Court system. • Speed – Hearings […]

How does the Collaborative model differ from the traditional Court process?

• It will ensure that you and your spouse/partner have a voice and are in control of the process. If the Court is involved this can be dictated by a Judge. • By avoiding Court no evidence needs to be […]

Collaborative Law and the Family Consultant

Coming to the decision that you want to separate and divorce from your partner can be a difficult, life changing and unenviable position to be in, particularly if you have children together and you are agonising about how to prioritise […]

Life is like riding a bicycle – Guest blog post

Apparently apart from more money and a long lie-in, what most people crave is more time. Lots of us have problems with our work-life balance. It’s a term that is heard more frequently now in relation to our busy lives […]