• Simonne Gnessen : Financial Coach & Life Planner

Simonne Gnessen
Financial Coach & Life Planner

12 December 2014

Simonne Gnessen Financial Coach & Life PlannerSimonne Gnessen is founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching and co-author of ‘Sheconomics’, a personal finance book for women.

Money can be an emotionally loaded topic at the best of times, and Simonne’s approach will guide and support you through the financial side of a relationship breakup. Her money-guidance service is different to traditional financial advice. She uses a unique blend of skills taken from her ten years experience as an independent financial adviser, combined with training and skills within the fields of coaching, psychology and personal development. Her service provides guidance and support, and not product specific advice.

Simonne will help with practical matters like gathering and understanding the financial data involved and its implications, while also acknowledging, and helping you work through, the emotional responses you each have to money. She’ll help you work out how much you each need to live on and, where appropriate, find ways to manage your money more effectively. Using cashflow tools, she can help you understand how any settlements discussed could be managed both now and into the future.

As a Financial Life Planner, she has the skills to work with you in a collaborative way to help you articulate and unleash a powerful vision for what you most profoundly want from life going forward. Obstacles are addressed creatively together, and she can help you see how to put in place the financial architecture to achieve your future visions.

Simonne is an affiliate member of Resolution and abides by Resolution’s Code of Practice. Her work has also been featured on BBC radio and TV, and in a wide variety of national newspapers and women’s magazines. For more information, visit Simonne’s website www.financial-coaching.co.uk or call her on 01273 691223.

Simonne Gnessen

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