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Susie de Castilho
Family Consultant
Individual & Couple Therapist & Coach

December 12, 2014

Susie de Castilho trained in France and partly in the USA as a psycho-organic analyst, couples counsellor and also as a life coach, working mostly in France with individuals and couples.   For the last ten years she has been in Brighton and works privately as a couples counsellor and psychotherapist.   After training with Resolution – www.resolution.org.com – as a Family Consultant alongside the group of professionals in Sussex family Solutions she is delighted to be using her experience of over twenty years as a therapist to support the emotional aspect of divorce and separation.

Understanding the dynamics that develop in couple relationships can be very constructive to helping get through the process of separation, even to move forward to a new relationship, often as co-parents.   Susie’s experience is relevant and useful in meetings where these habits can be more painful than need be, and can be unproductive to moving forward.  At times it can keep the process stuck.  Her experience as a couple therapist can be used in a therapeutic way for gaining more understanding and to help the process of collaboration and mediation.  Lawyers have told her it frees them up to do a better job.  Their time can be used for a constructive outcome.  Susie’s training as a life coach can help bring a forward thinking, solution focused aspect to collaboration.

Susie says ‘Over time with clients and through my personal experience I have seen so much pain and damage to families and individuals from separations and divorce that I am delighted to be working together with a group of people who have decided that there is a better way forward.  We know that people stand a greater chance of coming through the process in a more positive way through collaboration and mediation and not recriminations and the court.’

Susie De Castilho

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