• Toni Donne

Toni Donne
Family Consultant
Parenting after Parting Practitioner

12 December 2014

Toni Donne

Toni is a trained Family Consultant and specialises in working with separating parents and children.  The focus of her work is supporting parents achieve the best arrangements for their children and enabling them to move forward following separation. Toni is deeply committed to helping families achieve positive conflict free plans for their children which are future focused.  Toni has an insightful understanding of the fears, worries and loss that parents and children feel when faced with change and uncertainty.

Toni has worked with Penny Coombes, Family Consultant, for many years developing parenting after parting interventions for separated and separating parents.  She has also delivered various parenting after parting groupwork courses for Cafcass (Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) and other organisations.

Toni is a qualified Social Worker and Family Group Conference Coordinator.  She has previously worked within the Family Courts as a Childrens Guardian and as an Independent Social Worker undertaking assessments for the Courts and Local Authorities. Over her career she has undertaken a wide range of training which she brings to her work with families.

More recently Toni has worked as a Family Group Conference Coordinator using a model that is designed to enhance family empowerment within decision making for children and families in both Public and Private Law. She is currently undertaking international research to explore how this model can be used within Collaborative Law to enhance communication and reduce conflict between parents and their respective families.

Having worked with separating parents and their children for many years, Toni is deeply committed to the principles and values of Sussex Family Solutions and their constructive approach to advising and guiding parents towards a non-conflictual solution for family breakdown.


Toni Donne