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Legal Advice

All of the lawyer members of Sussex Family Solutions are specialist and experienced family lawyers.  They are members of Resolution and adhere to their code of conduct to adopt a none-adversarial and future focused approach to every case. They are [...] View More

An independent mediator can help to facilitate discussions between you as a neutral third party.  The mediator will assist you to identify the information which is necessary to enable you to make informed decisions, can help you to generate settlement [...] View More
Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law process requires a shared commitment to avoid litigation. The process involves a series of informal discussions and joint meetings for the purposes of settling all issues known as “four way” meetings as they involve the couple and [...] View More
Family Arbitration

At last there is an alternative to long, painful and expensive Court proceedings. Here at Sussex Family Solutions we realise that for one reason or another the issues that have to be resolved following a divorce or separation are not [...] View More
Family Consultants

Family Consultants can offer support before, during and after a separation. We work alongside you individually and jointly giving neutral therapeutic support. Our role provides an impartial ‘third- eye’ perspective. This additional viewpoint has been introduced to collaborative law to [...] View More
Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is always supportive.  Talking things through with a therapist can help us to see things with perspective, see where we are at the present moment and help to clarify our wishes.   It can help us explore the difficulties [...] View More
Couples Counselling

Going to therapy as part of a couple in good times can be helpful.   This is even truer in times of difficulty.  A lot can be gained by speaking freely and openly with an impartial person.  A third person brought [...] View More

Coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. It is a creative process which inspires the client to maximise their personal and professional potential.  Ccoaches help clients set and reach goals using a variety of tools [...] View More
Children’s Support

If you are worried about your children or feel that your child is struggling with the changes to your family and you feel they need some extra support, we are able to offer both Family work and Family therapy. Family [...] View More
Parenting Workshops

As parents, you may well be worried about how to tell your children you are going to part, how they will cope, or about how contact issues will be managed and resolved. Although your relationship has ended your role as [...] View More