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Individual Therapy

20 December 2014

Individual therapy is always supportive.  Talking things through with a therapist can help us to see things with perspective, see where we are at the present moment and help to clarify our wishes.   It can help us explore the difficulties we can see ahead of us.  Fear of losing what has become familiar can become an enormous obstacle to our perceived vision for our future.  That can fear of losing a partner, children, shared friends, being on your own, and maybe the family home.

We may lose confidence, self-esteem and perhaps our sense of direction. At a time of great loss, it is helpful to be listened to, supported and encouraged by a trained professional.   Taking the opportunity to explore the heart of what is difficult for us, can bring insight into our distress and difficulties.    By gaining insight and understanding of our difficulties we can more easily find a way forward.   It can enable us to find more appropriate ways of coping, and reach some clearer conclusions.  Often a few sessions can help clarify a situation.  Is this the decision we want to take?

Our Individual Therapy Team