Coming to the decision that you want to separate and divorce from your partner can be a difficult, life changing and unenviable position to be in, particularly if you have children together and you are agonising about how to prioritise their needs with your own – a situation that leaves many wondering which way to turn and how to go forward?

Horror stories about painful court battles, uncontrollable legal costs and the unpredictability of the courts may leave you thinking that your family will suffer a similar fate, and that you will be left feeling you have no influence, or control.

There is now however a new and fresh alternative – collaborative law made available by Sussex Family Solutions.

This is a client-led approach that focuses on finding common ground and solutions and, most significantly, talking through the issues or problems together, rather than instigating a seemingly endless to and fro cycle of emotive letters.

Significantly, you agree not to take your case to court until you are ready to get an agreement approved. The emphasis is on you taking control, talking about what is important to both of you, moving at your pace and finding respectful, autonomous and long term resolutions for all concerned.

So, if you have a deep desire to focus your energy towards creative problem solving, rather than towards recriminations or revenge, and would like to start fixing the problem rather than apportioning the blame, then Sussex Family Solutions and our collaborative law approach, which is tailored to fulfil these aims wholeheartedly, may be the way forward for you and your family.

You each have a collaborative lawyer, who supports and guides you through the legal and financial decisions you will need to make. The collaborative law meetings are designed as four-way discussions. You, your spouse and both lawyers, meeting simultaneously face to face and working together, not against one another.

Discussing personal matters, and conducting negotiations can stir up difficult feelings, which is why Sussex Family Solutions has introduced a Family Consultant as a valuable resource into the process and who is often present at collaborative meetings.

Their prime role is to support each of you emotionally, and to help you manage the emotional and psychological aspects of your transition, at a time when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable and when decision making can seem onerous.

Our Family Consultants are professionally trained and qualified practitioners, experienced in working with and supporting the emotional needs of individuals, children and families going through divorce, or separation. Their core skills are as relationship therapists, parenting practitioners, family mediators and life coaches

The Family Consultant is skilled at remaining neutral, and provides a helicopter perspective of the complex dynamics of the four way discussions. They support you, help improve communication and ease conflict as the lawyers guide you through your options, in a straightforward and productive way.

Our collaborative approach and support can help you to achieve a civilised, holistic resolution to difficult issues; agree a plan to develop the best co-parenting relationship possible for your children and enable you to maintain a connection to the family and friends you have in common.

o If you value how your restructured family units are going to exist, develop and thrive post separation,

o If you feel your partner shares these aims,

o If you want to have a voice in the decisions about your finances

o If you place a high value on minimising the emotional wear and tear on you and your children, then Sussex Family Solutions and our collaborative law model has your family in mind.

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