Financial Advice & Guidance

Financial Advice & Guidance

Going through divorce or separation is a time when you have to face many financial decisions concerning your home, your children, your pension and managing your financial future.

In Sussex Family Solutions, we have a team of financial experts who offer financial advice and guidance.  They are Independent Financial Advisers or Financial Coaches, who are experienced in helping clients plan for the future and understand the short and long term impact of different financial decisions.

Traditionally Financial Advisers make recommendations on ways to best utilise your money, but in this role, they’re not providing any product recommendations; instead, their role is to support either or both of you, without bias to either party, to help you make confident decisions about the division of assets and any maintenance agreements.

The financial support they offer can help you gather and understand all the various bits of financial information you have, explain the advantages and disadvantages of various options and help you think through aspects such as child/spousal maintenance, pensions, mortgages, tax and insurance. They can also use tools to demonstrate to you the short and long term financial impact of various settlement options on your future cash flow and net worth.

Having the input of a financial expert within the collaborative process will help you achieve a fair settlement with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have explored and understood all of the financial implications of the decisions you’ll be making.

Our Financial Advice Team

Angus Willson<br><div class='role'>Chartered Financial Planner </div>
Simonne Gnessen<br /><div class='role'>Financial Coach & Life Planner</div>