• Leia Monsoon : Family Consultant Individual & Couple Counsellor

Leia Monsoon
Family Consultant
Individual & Couple Counsellor

12 December 2014

Leia Monsoon Family Consultant Individual & Couple Counsellor

Leia is a Qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with Post Graduate training in Counselling Children and Adolescents. Leia also completed her training as a Family Mediator and now uses those skills practicing as a Family Consultant.

Leia runs Family Transitions, which provides practical, psychological and emotional support to families who are experiencing change. This could be separation, divorce, death, loss or even new additions to the family and blending families.

Leia has 16 years experience counselling in schools, couples counselling, family work, Integrative Counselling with refugees and with drug and alcohol counselling. Leia has also prepared and delivered parenting training and workshops to families in Sussex and regularly delivers psychologically informed training for Brighton City council.

Leia works alongside the other professionals to ensure everybody is ready and able to participate at meetings, to work on communication and if working as a neutral with a family to assist them in moving forward at a similar pace. Sometimes it can seem as though one person has ‘moved on’ sooner than the other. In these situations a little support can really help you both come through it at a more similar pace. It can be really helpful to share the worries, concerns and fears you may have about the new future with someone who understands and who can help guide you through the transition.

As Family Consultant Leia provides support and guidance on children’s issues which can be used side by side with collaborative law and mediation. This gives you to space to really think about what your children will need from you both moving forward and the ability to discuss any differences which may arise in regarding parenting styles.

Many parents work with Leia to decide how, when and what to tell the children. There is also the option to work together on a parenting plan which helps co-parents set out a holistic framework of cooperation and importance throughout their Childrens childhood.

Leia enjoys working alongside the experienced and talented professionals in Sussex Family Solutions who share the same views and aims, which is to use skills as creatively as possible to help people and their families move through difficult situations in the best way possible.

Leia Monsoon

Family Transitions


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