Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops

As parents, you may well be worried about how to tell your children you are going to part, how they will cope, or about how contact issues will be managed and resolved. Although your relationship has ended your role as parents has not.  It will continue for many years and under many different guises.  Parenting after parting is not the same as parenting together.  You become co-parents and it is essential for you to work together to minimise the impact on your children.

Our team in Sussex Family Solutions can help with this, and have services aimed at supporting you as parents with everything you need to know to help your children in the short, medium and long term – this includes looking after yourself!

We offer a range of other parenting services including the Parenting after Parting Programme, parenting skills work, parenting classes, interactive parent coaching, a variety of contact work and direct work with children, including children’s groups for children of separated parents.

Meet our Parenting Workshops Team

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