Sarah Jelly
Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

12 December 2014

Sarah Jelly is a Solicitor who has specialised in family law for many years. She works as a consultant with Family Law Partners in Brighton.

Sarah is a long standing member of Resolution (First for Family Law).. Having become disillusioned with the traditional way of dealing with family problems,  Sarah is committed to helping clients to seek solutions in a non- confrontational way. She likes to work with clients initially to help them choose the right process for resolving matters. She is a keen and experienced collaborative practitioner having worked with other collaborative lawyers in the Brighton and East Sussex area as well as Tunbridge Wells, Kent and London.  In appropriate cases, Sarah often works with family consultants and other like-minded professionals. For Sarah, it is all about finding the right process and involving the right people.

Sarah is also a mediator and, in that capacity, a member of the Law Society’s Mediation Accreditation Scheme and registered with the Family Mediation Council as an Accredited Mediator. In her capacity as a mediator, Sarah supervises other mediators in their work. Sarah’s mediation skills are often helpful in the collaborative process.



Sarah Jelly