Family Consultants

Family Consultants

Family Consultants can offer support before, during and after a separation. We work alongside you individually and jointly giving neutral therapeutic support. Our role provides an impartial ‘third- eye’ perspective. This additional viewpoint has been introduced to collaborative law to offer some key elements, that until now, lawyers on their own have struggled to provide.

Firstly, the presence of a therapeutically trained professional offers mutually supportive emotional care for both clients. Our focus is not occupied with legal and financial matters, we are exclusively concerned with emotional wellbeing, and the psychological implications for all parties, particularly when there are children in the picture.

A Family Consultant is most effective in shedding light on dynamics, which often a conflicting couple is unable to resist, resolve, or prevent.  A Family Consultant will also pay attention to the dynamics of everyone else involved in the collaborative process.  A trained Family Consultant will bring increased insight for all parties at the meetings and can help develop understanding and therefore reduce distress.

Our Family Consultants Team

Leia Monsoon<br><div class='role'>Family Consultant <br> Individual & Couple Counsellor</div>
Penny Coombes <br><div class='role'>Family Consultant <br>Parenting after Parting Practitioner</div>