Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is a service designed to help clients build a better relationship with money and feel calmer, more in control and confident about their finances. Unlike traditional financial advisers, financial coaches don’t make recommendations on specific financial products such as pensions, mortgages or ISAs. But they do have financial expertise and can provide you with information and support to guide you through the financial world.

Our Financial Coaches within the Sussex Family Solutions team also operate in the capacity of Financial Advice & Guidance. Their role is to help both parties understand their current financial position and to provide information and guidance to help you make confident decisions about the division of assets and any maintenance agreements. They may also meet with one party separately, for instance where one needs specific help with one area or is inexperienced in dealing with finances.

Using cashflow and money-management tools, a Financial Coach can help you explore how any settlements discussed could be managed both now and into the future. Financial Coaching can also help you also help you gain insight into what’s behind your financial behaviour and help you take control of the unconscious way you behave with money.

Our Financial Coaching Team

Angus Willson<br><div class='role'>Chartered Financial Planner </div>
Simonne Gnessen<br /><div class='role'>Financial Coach & Life Planner</div>