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The pain and anxiety experienced by parents when their relationship breaks down is often compounded by concerns about the impact on their children. During a time of emotional distress, child inclusive mediation can help parents to keep their children’s needs... Read More

New Year New Beginnings

Changes to the Divorce Process in 2022 The government’s Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 was passed in June 2020 and will implement major reform to the divorce process, becoming law on 6 April of this year. Sussex Family Solutions... Read More

Family Mediation Week

This week is national family mediation week – you can find out more about what is going on at  Here are some reasons why you may wish to consider using family mediation to work out your future arrangements Family... Read More

Defusing conflict with language 

The words we use are important. As George Orwell once stated “the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts…if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” Using language that is outdated, inappropriate or... Read More

A Multidisciplinary Team

By Penny Coombes Sussex Family Solutions set up over a decade ago.  It grew out of an idea that there must be a better way of helping separating couples through their relationship breakdown in a more non-adversarial way, and that... Read More

Hybrid Mediation Case Study

Catherine & Tom Catherine and Tom were a high conflict married couple who had already been separated for over a year when they instructed their lawyers. Tom was a high-earning lawyer working in the city and Catherine had stopped training... Read More

Taking the Fear out of Divorce

I have been working as a Family Consultant since 2011. I work with couples, families, individuals and at times children who have experienced a high level of conflict during the break down of a relationship. I work within and alongside... Read More

Lockdown Separation

With Lockdown upon us, and people feeling trapped in marriages they want to leave, for us professionals in Family Law, now more than ever, is the time we are thinking of how to reduce adversity in our work with clients.... Read More

The collaborative process

The collaborative model requires a shared commitment to avoid litigation. The process involves a series...... Read More

So why consider Arbitration?

If you have been unable to reach agreement then rather than having to go to court Family Law Arbitration run by the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) might be the solution. As with the court process, you end up... Read More