There are huge benefits to using an Arbitrator which include:

• Continuity – Cases are heard by one person throughout the entire process which is something that can not always be guaranteed with the Court system.

• Speed – Hearings are able to be fixed quicker and at a convenient time and place to suit the parties involved.

• Process – the process and timetabling adopted in Arbitration can be specifically tailored to the issue(s) to be determined.

• Flexibility – There are not the same rigid procedural rules as in Court proceedings meaning that there does not have to be any duplication of work that might have already been carried out through mediation or the Collaborative process.

• Tailored to you – The evidence to be gathered in Arbitration can be tailored to the precise issue(s) to be determined rather than parties having to complete the ‘one-size-fits-all’ form in Court proceedings, and supply the documents requested by the Court – most of which might be irrelevant.

• Choice – You choose your arbitrator unlike Court proceedings whereby you are allocated a Judge.

• Privacy – Unless otherwise permitted the only people in attendance are the parties, their representatives, experts and witnesses so there is no press involvement.

• Enforceability – The orders made are legally binding in the same way as those made by a District Judge at Court