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Divorce and changes to the new State Pension

The switch to the new state pension in April 2016 brought some significant changes....... Read More

The role of a family consultant

When people are dealing with difficult experiences, such as separation and divorce, it is often...... Read More

The collaborative process

The collaborative model requires a shared commitment to avoid litigation. The process involves a series...... Read More

So why consider Arbitration?

If you have been unable to reach agreement then rather than having to go to court Family Law Arbitration run by the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) might be the solution. As with the court process, you end up... Read More

The Parenting Plan

The Parenting Plan [PDF 968k] is a written plan worked out between parents (and sometimes grandparents and other family members) after they separate. The Plan covers practical issues of parenting. • It asks you to think about your children and, based on their sex,... Read More

Institute for learning & brain sciences

Watch this video to see how disagreement is perceived and will affect even your 18 month year old child. Toddlers who overhear adults disagreeing can use that emotional information to guide their own behavior, according to research study from the... Read More

Why choose Arbitration?

There are huge benefits to using an Arbitrator which include: • Continuity – Cases are heard by one person throughout the entire process which is something that can not always be guaranteed with the Court system. • Speed – Hearings... Read More

How does the Collaborative model differ from the traditional Court process?

• It will ensure that you and your spouse/partner have a voice and are in control of the process. If the Court is involved this can be dictated by a Judge. • By avoiding Court no evidence needs to be... Read More

Collaborative Law and the Family Consultant

Coming to the decision that you want to separate and divorce from your partner can be a difficult, life changing and unenviable position to be in, particularly if you have children together and you are agonising about how to prioritise... Read More

Life is like riding a bicycle – Guest blog post

Apparently apart from more money and a long lie-in, what most people crave is more time. Lots of us have problems with our work-life balance. It’s a term that is heard more frequently now in relation to our busy lives... Read More